Is this OCD or the Spirit?

This can create a big dilemma and a lot of stress for Christians with OCD. They are taught to follow the promptings and thoughts that come into their minds, but they have difficulty determining whether the thought is from their disorder or from the Holy Ghost.… Read More Is this OCD or the Spirit?


Self-Acceptance When You Have a Mental Illness

It is so difficult for me to create a safe place within my own soul for me to exist as I am—imperfect and broken…The truth is, everyone has something. The truth is that there is NO normal, it doesn’t exist. No one is perfect and no one’s life is perfect, even when it appears so from the outside.
Just like I always try to hide my mental illness, every other person in the world is trying to hide something about themselves…… Read More Self-Acceptance When You Have a Mental Illness

Serving Those Who Are Suffering

God didn’t send us here solely to suffer and doesn’t expect us to just grin and bear it and not seek to alleviate our own or other people’s sufferings. I think this is the unintended message people may sometimes be getting! …No matter how much we tell people that Jesus loves and will help them, its all pretty meaningless if we don’t do what we can do to help them as well. He wants us to be His hands here on the earth.… Read More Serving Those Who Are Suffering


…I tend to feel these negative ways about myself, isolate myself, and feel invisible to everyone else. But today at the ward activity, several people gave me a genuine smile and greeting. One sister even came up and gave me a hug and said she was glad I came. It reminded me that the stories my brain and the adversary are telling me really are totally wrong. No one thinks those negative ways about me except me.… Read More Belonging