Suicide is Not About Character

Both of these women blessed my life and the lives of countless others because they had such good character.

It wasn’t a character issue. It was an illness issue. They did need attention—like a person with a broken bone needs attention, like a person who just got in a car accident needs attention, like a person with pneumonia needs attention.… Read More Suicide is Not About Character

Anxiety and Loneliness

When you’re lonely, its like you don’t even exist on this earth with everyone else, its like being a ghost. I guess thats why solitary confinement is the worst punishment in prisons, its the most painful place a person can be in. 

If you are feeling lonely, don’t beat yourself up about it. Human interaction is a normal human need. If anxiety is keeping you from getting the amount of human interaction that is good for you, then you are normal for feeling lonely. … Read More Anxiety and Loneliness

Anxiety and Traveling

The OCD wants me to live in a fire-proof, earthquake-proof, intruder-proof room (with a treadmill so I don’t die of inactivity) and never leave.
But even if that would be a safe life, it would be an empty, unhappy, meaningless life.
I have to be willing to risk my life in order to have a happy and meaningful life. I have to fight to do what feels important and meaningful to me.… Read More Anxiety and Traveling