Confessions of an Adult with Tics

I have tics. Quite a few of them. Eye rolling, neck jerking and twisting, shoulder shrugging, diaphragm muscle tensing-and-releasing, and multiple tics in my legs and feet. My tics happen at various times and during various activities. My leg and feet tics always happen when I’m trying to exercise and when I’m trying to sleep.… Read More Confessions of an Adult with Tics


Living with Illness Anxiety OCD

Most people don’t understand the extreme anguish we feel as we try to resist the impulse to make another doctor appointment. We know we have OCD and illness anxiety and so we try to ignore those false signals from our malfunctioning brain, but doing so then makes us feel like we are essentially causing our own deaths because there is a chance that this time it is a serious disease that needs a doctor’s attention before it progresses too far and kills us.… Read More Living with Illness Anxiety OCD

Processing a Public Suicide

When I was still a college student, there were multiple occasions when I looked down a stairwell or over a balcony railing, and imagined throwing myself off and ending the unbearable suffering that PTSD, OCD, and depression were strangling me with. Why have I survived the depression and the suicidal thoughts and urges that have plagued me for over a decade, but this woman did not survive?… Read More Processing a Public Suicide

Anxiety and Loneliness

When you’re lonely, its like you don’t even exist on this earth with everyone else, its like being a ghost. I guess thats why solitary confinement is the worst punishment in prisons, its the most painful place a person can be in. 

If you are feeling lonely, don’t beat yourself up about it. Human interaction is a normal human need. If anxiety is keeping you from getting the amount of human interaction that is good for you, then you are normal for feeling lonely. … Read More Anxiety and Loneliness

Anxiety and Traveling

The OCD wants me to live in a fire-proof, earthquake-proof, intruder-proof room (with a treadmill so I don’t die of inactivity) and never leave.
But even if that would be a safe life, it would be an empty, unhappy, meaningless life.
I have to be willing to risk my life in order to have a happy and meaningful life. I have to fight to do what feels important and meaningful to me.… Read More Anxiety and Traveling